Do I have to make an appointment to tour your apartments in Maryland or do you accept walk-ins?

We would love for you to make an appointment, but we understand pop-ins and we’ll try our best to accommodate a spur-of-the-moment tour if we can. Please be sure to bring a photo ID with you for all tours.


Does LIVEbe offer pet-friendly apartments in Maryland? If so, how much are pet fees?

We do! All of our Maryland apartments (2Hopkins in Baltimore, MD, The Remy in Lanham, MD, The Bowen in Bowie, MD, and Glen Oaks in Greenbelt, MD) are pet-friendly. In fact, we allow two pets (dogs and/or cats) per apartment home. 

Our pet fees are pretty simple:

2Hopkins - $250 non-refundable fee + $35/month per pet for pet rent
The Remy - $250 non-refundable fee + $35/month per pet for pet rent
The Bowen - $200 non-refundable fee + $40/month per pet for pet rent
Glen Oaks - $250 non-refundable fee + $35/month per pet for pet rent


Does LIVEbe offer apartments with utilities included in my rent?

Not all of our apartments include utilities in the rent, but Glen Oaks Apartments in Greenbelt, MD, offers lovely apartments with utilities included. 


Are there additional fees on top of the rent?

We try to make things easy, but since we have such a variety of communities, our policies differ for each. All of our communities require a security deposit and, depending on the community, there may be additional fees for parking, utilities and storage. Please feel free to reach out to any of our communities below to get specific information.

The Remy
Glen Oaks
The Bowen


Do LIVEbe Communities offer an apartment referral bonus? 

At LIVEbe, our residents are why we’re here, so we love rewarding them when we can, especially when they help us find more great residents. That’s why many of our apartment communities offer a referral reward. On your first visit, make sure you let the office know that you were referred by a friend or resident, and provide their name. For more information on the apartment referral programs, contact our communities below:

2Hopkins Referral Program
The Remy Referral Program
Glen Oaks Contact
The Bowen Contact


Do residents at LIVEbe Communities need a renters’ insurance policy?

We value our residents, so our apartment communities do require renters’ insurance for the protection of our residents, their belongings and to give everyone peace of mind. Please speak with a LIVEbe Ambassador for more information.


How long is the term of the lease? Do you have short-term lease apartments or long-term leases?

Our standard lease term is 12 months, but many of our communities are pretty flexible and offer lease terms between 6-27 months. We will, on occasion, accept short-term leases of 3-11 months. Be sure to ask a LIVEbe Ambassador for details on available lease terms, we’ll be glad to work with you. 


Can I get a price reduction if I sign a longer lease or pay for rent a year in advance?

Most of the LIVEbe apartment communities offer a variety of lease terms and the prices vary based on the length of the lease. It would be best to talk with a LIVEbe Ambassador at the community you’re interested in to get a better sense of how they can help you. Here's contact info for our communities:

The Remy
Glen Oaks
The Bowen


Can I sign a lease before my move-in day?

Absolutely! Please contact the LIVEbe Ambassador at your community of choice to discuss the details.


If I decide to move to a larger or smaller apartment, are transfers allowed?

Yes, we’d love to keep you as a resident if you need a bigger, smaller or just a different apartment. Please speak to a Leasing Ambassador to learn about our transfer requirements.


When is my rent payment due? When is it late?

When you flip a page on the calendar, rent is due. Our policy is that rent is due the 1st of each month, with the 5th being the last day you can pay without a late fee.


What are my options to pay rent? 

We try to make it as easy as possible for our residents to pay rent. You can pay online, by mail or directly to the property management team. To pay your apartment rent online, use the resident portals available below:

LIVEbe Communities Resident Portals


There’s someone who might be staying with me for a while. Are long-term visitors permitted by my LIVEbe Communities lease?

We love guests visiting, but only up to two weeks. Longer stays require the guest to become a leaseholder if they’re over 18. Please visit your community leasing office to talk about the details. 


Can I sublet my apartment? 

We love to be flexible and work with our residents, but LIVEbe Communities does not allow apartment subletting.


If I have to move for unforeseen reasons, can I break the lease on my apartment?

Yes, we understand that situations arise beyond your control. We do require a 60-day notice, as well as a termination fee paid prior to move-out.


Do you have resident parking at LIVEbe Communities? Is there a fee? What about motorcycles?

We do have resident parking at all LIVEbe Communities. Some of our communities charge an additional fee for covered or garage parking. Yes, parking is available for motorcycles.


Do you have visitor parking at LIVEbe Communities?

We do! We have free visitor parking available at The Remy, Glen Oaks and The Bowen. 2Hopkins apartments in Downtown Baltimore has a $10 per night fee for guest parking in the community garage.


Will you accept my delivery packages for me?

We certainly will. 2Hopkins, The Remy and The Bowen each have package locker systems for your deliveries and Glen Oaks resident packages are accepted at the leasing office during regular business hours. If you have any questions, please talk to a LIVEbe Ambassador for details.


If something needs to be repaired in the apartment, how do I report it?

At LIVEbe, we try to fix things as soon as we can, so we have a few ways to contact us if something goes wrong in your apartment. You can contact the office by phone, e-mail, in person or through the online resident portal:

LIVEbe Communities Resident Portals


What cable services are offered?

Depending on the LIVEbe community, different services are offered. The Remy and The Bowen offer Comcast and Verizon FiOS. Glen Oaks and 2Hopkins offer Comcast. 


Do you have furnished apartments?

Most of our apartments are not furnished, but some of the LIVEbe Communities may have furnished apartments available. The best way to find out is to speak with a LIVEbe Ambassador at the community you're interested in.


Are there community quiet hours?

We always encourage our residents to be courteous and considerate of their neighbors. LIVEbe follows city and county ordinances for quiet hours at all of our communities. 


Can you reserve communal spaces in the building and are there fees for reserving them?

Yes, some of our common spaces are available to reserve and rent, but which spaces and how much the fees are vary by community. Contact a LIVEbe Ambassador at the community you're considering for the most up-to-date details.


Where are LIVEbe Communities located?

LIVEbe is proud to have communities located in the Mid-Atlantic region near major cities like Baltimore and Washington, DC. For a the most current information, please visit our "Communities" page, to see where we have apartments for rent.


If I transfer from one Maryland apartment community to another, will my security deposit transfer to the new community?

Unfortunately, we cannot transfer security deposits from one LIVEbe Community to another. You will need a new security deposit at each community.

If I move out, how quickly will I receive my security deposit?

At LIVEbe, we pride ourselves on providing excellent and timely service, while you’re a resident and after you leave. Once your apartment is inspected and approved after move-out, you'll receive your security deposit within 45 days of your move out date.