Article courtesy of the February 2018 edition of the Property Management Association Bulletin 

PMA’s 2017 Marketing and Advertising Excellence Awards judges were blown away by the “sexy” and “out of the box” entries from The Remy Apartments managed by LIVEbe Communities. At times the marketing resembled that of a resort or an upscale restaurant not an apartment community. In their evaluations, the judges noted, the marketing was 100 percent lifestyle and benefits.

“The creativity and excitement I felt while looking through their collateral, compelled me to schedule a visit to see this community,” shares Amy Mays. “I wanted to see if the experience actually met the expectation set forth by their marketing efforts. It not only measured up to those expectations…The Remy exceeded them!”

Sure enough, many of the community’s common areas do exude the vibe of a high-end restaurant, with lush private booths aplenty. Many residents and couples actually retreat to these booths in the evening to enjoy a quiet dinner after a long day at work. “Between the cabanas located on the pool deck, creatively lit outdoor areas around the pool, grilling stations, the rooftop oasis, gaming stations with intentional graffiti walls, the funky artwork, the impeccably kept grounds and hallways, the resort atmosphere and lifestyle hit me like a ton of bricks,” Amy enthuses.

Amy admits that she was sold on the community without even setting foot inside an apartment. “I was sold on the lifestyle, team enthusiasm and professionalism,” Amy shares. “But of course I had to check out the model apartments, and again I was impressed!” Not overly decorated or cluttered, the models were tastefully done using color and strategic furniture placement, to create a warm and spacious impression of even the studio apartment. Also worth noting, each decorative item in the model apartments was purchased locally, and the team provides prospects with a list of where the items were purchased, so if they see something they love, they too can have it.

Marketing Takeaway
Always make sure that the in-person impression of your community meets the expectations set forth in your advertising. Let your community’s personality shine through.

The Remy won with their sass, creativity and style!

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