Industry publication, Property Managers Association Bulletin asked LIVEbe's own Elaine De Lude:

Question of the Month: How do you keep your team members motivated to deliver the best service possible to your residents?

Elaine De Lude
Vice President, LIVEbe Communities

We hire for the best attitude. We look for individuals who are enthusiastic and passionate about what they do and who demonstrate a pattern of continuous improvement and initiative.

These LIVEbe ambassadors are typically self-motivated and respond well to recognition and praise. Remember to recognize the small achievements/milestones as well as the larger achievements/milestones. All are equally important.

At LIVEbe Communities Jennifer Rucker and I are trying to create an environment where our LIVEbe ambassadors are excited to come to work, make a difference in their workplace and create special experiences for our customers. We try to make each LIVEbe ambassador feel welcomed on their first day by creating positive first impressions and keeping up their enthusiasm from the start. Jennifer and I constantly seek out opportunities to create positive experiences for our associates. We believe that this translates into not just great service, but also a commitment to a higher level of hospitality.